woman-1401616_640We’ve been talking it up for a while and are so excited to announce our new program is released!

The 2017 updates to the Madriella Birth and Postpartum Doula program have included items we’ve worked on behind the scenes for a long while.  Including but not limited to what we’re offering, is a greater level of professional level of support for our Doulas and Doula Students who want to make this a sustainable career as a birth-worker!

So – how do you get your access? We had planned on sending a code out to each and every Doula from Madriella… but some of you have spam control that is just too good and you weren’t getting it in the first batch of notices we sent.

Our Director, Michael Perce, came up with an alternate route for you to get the code. If you are already certified by Madriella and want to gain access to the new material, and were signed up BEFORE January 1, 2017 it’s as simple to get access to the WHOLE NEW CURRICULUM (minus your textbooks for required reading etc – sorry, we don’t own Amazon and set the author’s prices nor the Childbirth Ed Curriculum costs from our preferred CBE curriculum house) by going to http://madriella.org/membership-account/membership-levels/ and joining if you haven’t joined via the website previously, and then clicking on “Contact us” to ask for a “Legacy Member” code.

This workaround will avoid your spam detection (hopefully) and you will be on point waiting for that email with the code in it. I’ve heard some of our Doulas compare it to waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas, so I hope that you are just as excited and happy with what you get with that code.

Our office is in California and business hours are 9 am to 5 pm. The office was closed for the New Years holiday on January 2, 2017 – but will be back open in the morning of January 3. It takes a little time to manually process these (we want to make sure that each of you gets your code) but you will get yours if you follow the directions above.

successHappy New Year and we wish you much success in 2017

Annie Hill
Senior Advisory Board Member
Madriella Doula