For those Doulas that charge for their services and make a living that incorporates their passion for helping others, we offer this professional development continuing education course. This course is designed to help you expand your knowledge and covers a wide range of topics relevant to the birth industry, such as Doula business licensing, marketing strategies, business networking, and social media presence.

This course is our highest level of Doula credential, and achievement of the MCPCD credential is an assurance to your client that you are a professional, with the highest caliber of training we can offer.

This course is reserved for our Professional Members

Prerequisites: Madriella Birth Doula course, Madriella Postpartum Doula course
Course Requirements:
Textbook for course (see reading list)
A working Internet connection
A computer or mobile device capable of:
a) Accessing the Internet
b) Uploading a written assignment/digital photo
c) Posting/reading messages in the forum

A valid CPR/First Aid Certification and Safe Food Handling Certification are required by the end of this course. Both of these certifications can be done online fairly inexpensively.


Module 1 The Professional Doula
Unit 1 The Professional Doula  
Unit 2 US Business Models... when it's broke and a Doula is what fixes it  
Unit 3 The Self-Employed Doula – Business Considerations  
Unit 4 Doula Contracts  
Unit 5 Your Welcome Packet  
Unit 6 Business Promotion (Networking)  
Unit 7 Individual Professional Liability Insurance  
Unit 8 Your Internet Presence - a website  
Unit 9 Professional Development - Book review  
Unit 10 Insurance, Billing and Expenses  
Module 2 Horizontal Integration
Unit 1 Horizontal Integration  
Unit 2 Benefits of Horizontal Intgration  
Module 3 Ethics and Marketing
Unit 1 Ethics in Marketing - Introduction  
Unit 2 Why there is a need for ethical doula marketing  
Module 4 Influence Marketing
Unit 1 Influence Marketing  
Unit 2 What is “Influence”?  
Unit 3 Identifying influencers  
Unit 4 Using online social media tools to identify influencers  
Unit 5 Influencer ecosystems and roles  
Module 5 Different Forms of Marketing
Unit 1 Different forms of marketing  
Unit 2 Strategy  
Unit 3 Affinity marketing  
Unit 4 Alliance marketing  
Unit 5 Ambush marketing  
Unit 6 "Indirect" ambush marketing  
Unit 7 Possible Impacts of Ambush marketing  
Unit 8 Article marketing  
Unit 9 Article video marketing  
Unit 10 Call to action (marketing)  
Unit 11 Cause Marketing  
Unit 12 Consumer-generated advertising  
Unit 13 Content marketing  
Unit 14 Close Range Marketing  
Unit 15 Cross-media marketing  
Unit 16 Customer advocacy  
Unit 17 Customerization  
Module 6 Other Non Digital Marketing Forms
Unit 1 Loyalty Marketing  
Unit 2 Loyalty Marketing Impact  
Unit 3 Multi Level Marketing  
Unit 4 Legality and Legitimacy of MLM's  
Module 7 Online Advertising
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Type of Ads  
Unit 3 Delivery Methods  
Unit 4 Benefits  
Unit 5 Concerns  
Unit 6 Regulation  
Module 8 Tying your marketing together
Unit 1 Permission Marketing  
Unit 2 Relationship Marketing  
Unit 3 Product bundling  
Unit 4 Varieties of bundling  
Unit 5 Self-referential marketing  
Unit 6 Summary of Ethics in Birthworker Marketing  
Unit 7 Cites  
Module 9 Branding
Unit 1 Brand language  
Unit 2 Areas and authorities that offer brand language  
Unit 3 Delivery channels  
Module 10 Buisness Model
Unit 1 Business model  
Unit 2 Theoretical and empirical insights to business models  
Unit 3 Examples of business models  
Module 11 Safety
Unit 1 The Initial Consult  
Unit 2 Domestic Violence  
Unit 3 Planning for the Unthinkable  
Unit 4 Vicarious Trauma  
Unit 5 Dogs  
Unit 6 Getting There Safe  
Unit 7 Distracted driving  
Module 12 Cultural Sensitivity
Unit 1 Introduction to Cultural Sensitivity  
Unit 2 Cultural Sensitivity - What is Culture?  
Unit 3 Cultural Sensitivity - Using the information you gather  
Unit 4 Downloaded Required Text and cites from this unit.  
Unit 5 Quiz  
Module 13 Final Requirements and Final Exam
Unit 1 The value of labor support paper  
Unit 2 Research Assignment Survey  
Unit 3 Outside Certifications  
Unit 4 Proof of CPR/First Aid/AED Certification  
Unit 5 Proof of State Food Handlers Card  
Unit 6 Summary and Final Exam