Madriella is an online Doula certification program, as well as a community of Doulas dedicated to supporting each other and the women they serve.

A pregnant woman in a delivery room sitting on a birth ball being massage by a Doula.

How to Become a Certified Doula

To become a certified Doula through Madriella you need to pass an online examination based on our curriculum, which covers the basics of non-medical birth support and postpartum assistance as well as the Madriella philosophy.

Doulas are not licensed medical professionals, and many are simply volunteers that want to help other women. Certification means that you have completed a formal training program, and are awarded a certificate of completion by that organization. There are many organizations that certify Doulas, but they are not licensed or regulated by the state.

If you are a woman that has a heart for serving women during the most challenging and rewarding time of their life you are welcome here.

Become a Doula and join the fastest-growing doula network in the country!

A pregnant woman's belly that has been painted to show the unborn baby inside.

The Role of the Doula

Traditionally a Doula is an experienced mother, a woman that has gone through birth herself and is willing to help a younger, or more inexperienced woman. When a woman’s mother is with her in the delivery room providing emotional support she is perfoming as a Doula. Many women no longer have that critical support figure of an experienced mother, which is why there is a market for Doulas today.

A Doula offers emotional, physical and informational support for women and their partners during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. A Doula nurtures and supports a woman and her partner and affirms the couple’s choices. Her job is to help parents learn about all of the choices and options they have in pregnancy and childbirth, but not to choose for them.

A Doula’s role during a woman’s labor is very unique. She provides continuous labor support and has knowledge of normal labor and childbirth and an understanding of possible medical interventions. She can help translate medical language and procedures into understandable language and she will remind and encourage couples to ask questions and have an open line of communication with their care providers.

In this way, a Doula essentially ensures that moms and dads can truly engage in informed consent as they labor and birth in a hospital.

How can I find a Doula?

Today Doulas can be found assisting women in hospitals, birthing centers, holistic health clinics and of course in private practice.  Many Doulas are self-employed and operate their businesses out of their homes. Members of the Madriella Doula Network that are self employed can take advantage of our “Find a Doula” database which allows mothers in their state to find their business website easily.

Massage Therapists can earn 6 CE hours with Madriella

Thanks to our partnership with the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute all of our Doulas gain free access to the Massage With the Laboring Woman online continuing education course which is worth 6 CEUs for massage therapists. The Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for offering continuing education for massage therapists.