couple meeting with obstetrician in clinic

This course is designed for doulas who wish to deepen their understanding of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and ensure compliance in their practice. It covers the essentials of HIPAA, focusing on privacy and security rules, and how they apply to doula services. By the end of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of HIPAA requirements and best practices for safeguarding client information.

This course is reserved for our Professional Members

Course Prerequisite: None

Course Requirements:
A working Internet connection
A computer or mobile device capable of accessing the Internet

Students who complete this course will receive a certificate of completion.

couple meeting with obstetrician in clinic




Module 1 Introduction to HIPAA
Unit 1 Overview of HIPAA  
Unit 2 Importance for Doulas  
Module 2 Understanding HIPAA Privacy Rules
Unit 1 Privacy Standards  
Unit 2 Protected Health Information (PHI)  
Unit 3 Permitted Uses and Disclosures  
Unit 4 Doulas' Role in Protecting Privacy  
Unit 5 Real-life Scenarios in Protecting Privacy  
Unit 6 Best Practices  
Module 3 HIPAA Security Rule and Doulas
Unit 1 Security Standards  
Unit 2 Ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of PHI  
Unit 3 Physical, Technical, and Administrative Safeguards  
Unit 4 Implementing Security Measures  
Unit 5 Digital and Physical Record-Keeping  
Unit 6 Technology and Data Encryption  
Module 4 HIPAA and Client Rights
Unit 1 Client Rights Under HIPAA  
Unit 2 Access to Medical Records  
Unit 3 Amendments and Accountings of Disclosures  
Unit 4 Doulas' Responsibilities  
Unit 5 Informed Consent  
Unit 6 Handling Client Requests and Complaints  
Module 5 Breach Notification and HIPAA Violations
Unit 1 Understanding Breaches  
Unit 2 What Constitutes a Breach  
Unit 3 Consequences of HIPAA Violations  
Unit 4 Legal Implications  
Unit 5 Case Studies on Violations in Doula Practices  
Module 6 Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance
Unit 1 Creating a HIPAA Compliant Practice  
Unit 2 Policies and Procedures  
Unit 3 Training and Awareness  
Unit 4 Continuous Compliance  
Unit 5 Regular Audits  
Unit 6 Keeping Up-to-Date with Changes in HIPAA Regulations