We are delighted to celebrate the remarkable achievement of the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation in graduating 16 new doulas from their training program in Nigeria. This significant milestone not only marks the personal accomplishments of these individuals but also highlights the growing importance of doula support in maternal healthcare across Nigeria.

In a country where maternal and infant mortality rates remain a concern, the role of doulas in providing physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period cannot be overstated. The presence of a trained doula can significantly improve birth outcomes, enhance the birth experience for birthing individuals and their families, and contribute to reducing medical interventions.

We commend the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation for recognizing the need to equip birth workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to support expectant parents throughout their childbirth journey. By offering comprehensive doula training rooted in evidence-based practices, they are not only empowering individuals to pursue careers in birth work but also promoting positive maternal and neonatal health outcomes in Nigeria.

As an organizational partner of the Madriella Doula Network, the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation ensures that its graduates receive high-quality education and training based on the internationally recognized Madriella Curriculum. This partnership reflects a commitment to excellence in doula education and underscores the importance of standardizing doula training practices to ensure consistency and quality of care.

The adoption of the Madriella Curriculum by the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation highlights the global recognition of the effectiveness and relevance of this comprehensive training program. By adhering to a standardized curriculum, aspiring doulas in Nigeria can be assured of receiving training that meets international standards and prepares them to provide competent and compassionate care to expectant parents.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation. Your dedication to serving your communities and advocating for maternal health and empowerment is commendable. As certified doulas, you have the power to positively impact the lives of countless families and contribute to the improvement of maternal healthcare in Nigeria.

Here’s to the beginning of a transformative journey in the world of birth work, and to the continued success of the Rashmira Empowering Black Doula Foundation in empowering birth workers and promoting maternal health in Nigeria!