We’re thrilled to share that Health Colorado, the Regional Accountable Entity (RAE) for Region 4, is actively seeking Doulas who are interested in enrolling as Medicaid providers. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand access to Doula services in this community and support more families during their childbirth journey. 🤰💕

If you’re a Madriella-Certified Doula in this area and you’re considering enrolling or have already enrolled to receive Medicaid reimbursement for your services, we encourage you to reach out to the Health Neighborhood lead directly (email us at admin@madriella.org to ask for the email and POC). They’re eager to connect with you and help build this important framework for Medicaid reimbursement.

Let’s work together to make a meaningful impact in maternal health care!

What Does Medicaid Approval Mean for Doulas?

Medicaid is a government-funded health insurance program in the United States that provides coverage to eligible individuals, including pregnant women. Medicaid approval for Doulas means that Doulas can now enroll as Medicaid providers. As approved providers, they can offer their services to clients covered by Medicaid and receive reimbursement for their support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Madriella Doula Network as an Approved Training Provider for Colorado

The Madriella Doula Network is recognized as an approved training provider in Colorado. This means that Doulas who complete their training through Madriella meet the educational standards required by Colorado’s Medicaid program. By completing Madriella’s training, Doulas are well-prepared to provide high-quality care and support to Medicaid-covered clients.

Benefits of Medicaid Approval for Doulas

  1. Increased Access to Doula Services: Medicaid approval expands access to Doula care for individuals who may not have been able to afford these services otherwise.
  2. Financial Reimbursement: Doulas can receive reimbursement for their services from Medicaid, which supports their practice financially and allows them to sustainably provide care.
  3. Professional Recognition: Being a Medicaid-approved provider enhances a Doula’s professional credibility and recognition within the healthcare community.
  4. Improved Maternal Health Outcomes: Studies show that Doula support during childbirth can lead to improved maternal and infant health outcomes, making Doula services even more valuable when accessible through Medicaid.

How to Get Started

If you’re a Doula interested in becoming a Medicaid provider in Colorado or any other state, it’s essential to check the specific requirements and application process through your state’s Medicaid program. For those trained through Madriella, you can confidently apply knowing that your training meets Colorado’s standards for Medicaid reimbursement.

Embracing Medicaid approval for Doulas represents a significant step toward promoting equitable access to essential maternal health services.

Are you Interested in Becoming a Doula?

If you’re interested in training to be a Doula click here.