Teenage parents face an array of challenges that are unique to their situation. This course is designed to prepare our Doulas to serve them during Birth and Postpartum by adapting the five facets of support to meet their circumstantial needs.

Course Prerequisite: Madriella Birth Doula Certification, Madriella Postpartum Doula Certification, and the Madriella Professional Development Course.

Course Requirements:
There is no textbook required for this course.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome  
Unit 2 Legal Issues with Teen Parents  
Unit 3 Research Assignment #1 Reporting Obligation  
Unit 4 Serving the underserved  
Unit 5 The Five Facets of Support for Young Parents  
Unit 6 Facet 1 Emotional Support  
Unit 7 Facet 2 Physical Support  
Unit 8 Facet 3 Informational Support  
Unit 9 Facet 4 Partner Reinforcement  
Unit 10 Facet 5 Self-Advocacy  
Module 2 An overview of Younger Parents
Unit 1 How do you view teen pregnancy?  
Unit 2 The Prevalence of Young Parenthood in the USA  
Unit 3 The Prevalence of Young Parenthood in Other Countries  
Unit 4 The Physical State of Adolescence  
Unit 5 The Cognitive State of Adolescence  
Unit 6 Myths and Popular Perceptions of Teen Parents  
Module 3 Specific Challenges for Young Parents
Unit 1 Physiological Challenges  
Unit 2 Educational Challenges  
Unit 3 Social Challenges  
Unit 4 Economic Challenges  
Unit 5 Relationship Challenges  
Module 4 Planning for success
Unit 1 Defining Success With Young Parents  
Unit 2 Successful Teen Pregnancies  
Unit 3 Successful Teen Births  
Unit 4 Successful Teen Parenting  
Unit 5 Safe-Haven Laws  
Unit 6 Adoption  
Module 5 Final exam
Unit 1 The Final Exam