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A Madriella Birth Doula is a birth support specialist that is trained in multiple areas, allowing her to provide emotional, physical, and informational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. Our Doulas are also trained in partner support because we recognize that a new baby has an impact on the entire family.

The Madriella Doula certification program is designed to fully prepare you to serve women in a variety of Birth settings, from assisted home births to birthing centers and hospitals.

To be certified as a Madriella Birth Doula you need to pass the online certification examination that is based on the material in this curriculum.  All certification candidates must be over the age of 18 and must be physically able to perform the hands-on comfort measures demonstrated in the course. An internet connection is required to watch the video clips.

Course Prerequisite: None

Course Requirements:
Textbook for course (see reading list)
A working Internet connection
A computer or mobile device capable of:
a) Accessing the Internet
b) Uploading a written assignment/digital photo
c) Posting/reading messages in the forum
d) A Birth Ball (exercise ball)

Completion of this course gives you the skills and certification to serve at the side of a family as they experience pregnancy, and labor/birth.  This is wonderful preparation for those who choose to serve in a volunteer role, but does not cover how to create a volunteer program, nor how to operate a business as a Birth Doula.  We cover those things in the Professional Development program.


Module 1 Introduction to the Doula Program
Unit 1 Welcome!  
Unit 2 What is a Doula?  
Unit 3 How Doulas Operate  
Unit 4 Basic Doula Practice  
Unit 5 Coaching the Birth Team  
Unit 6 Doula Certification and Licenses  
Unit 7 Research assignment #1 Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering  
Module 2 The basics of supporting As a Madriella Doula
Unit 1 The Five Facets of Support - Introduction  
Unit 2 Facet 1  
Unit 3 The Four Steps of Active Listening  
Unit 4 Facet 2  
Unit 5 Facet 3  
Unit 6 Facet 4  
Unit 7 Facet 5  
Unit 8 Cites and Quiz  
Unit 9 The Four Types of Births  
Unit 10 Terminology Assignment  
Unit 11 Trauma-Informed Care  
Module 3 Birth prep and exercises at home
Unit 1 The Benefits of Preparedness  
Unit 2 Positions for the birth  
Unit 3 Positioning in the First Stage of Labor  
Unit 4 Positioning in the Second Stage of Labor  
Unit 5 Rehearsing Birth poses  
Unit 6 Dealing with Aches and Pains  
Unit 7 Pain Relieving Excercises  
Unit 8 Relaxation exercises  
Unit 9 Identifying the Pelvic Floor muscles  
Unit 10 Teaching how to, the technique and coaching  
Unit 11 Summary, Cites and Quiz  
Unit 12 Practical Assignment #1 Exercises at home  
Unit 13 Research assignment #2 The Birth Partner  
Module 4 Birth Preferences
Unit 1 Terminology Review  
Unit 2 Research Assignment - Hospital Tour  
Unit 3 The Doulas Role in writing the Birth Plan  
Unit 4 Possible Options for Birth Plans  
Unit 5 The Birth Plan / Birth Preferences Document  
Module 5 The Physiology of Birth
Unit 1 Why Doulas must study the Physiology of Birth  
Unit 2 The Bony Pelvis  
Unit 3 The Soft Pelvis  
Unit 4 The Bishop Score  
Unit 5 Body Changes before labor  
Unit 6 Research assignment #3 The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding  
Unit 7 Terminology Review #2  
Module 6 Relaxation Techniques
Unit 1 Research assignment #4 Elective Choice  
Unit 2 The importance of relaxation  
Unit 3 Relaxation techniques before labor  
Unit 4 A Doula Guided Progressive Relaxation Exercise  
Unit 5 Other forms of relaxation  
Unit 6 Summary & Unit Quiz  
Module 7 Hospital Procedures and Protocols
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 The commonality of uncommonality & complications  
Unit 3 Admission procedures  
Unit 4 The various presentations  
Unit 5 Preparation for delivery  
Unit 6 Amniotomy  
Unit 7 Delivery Procedures  
Unit 8 Third Stage of Labor  
Unit 9 More Third Stage considerations  
Unit 10 The Cesarean Section Birth and the Doula  
Unit 11 Summary, Cites and Module Quiz  
Module 8 The Doula in the Birthing Space
Unit 1 Different women, different births  
Unit 2 Physiological reasons for pain during birth  
Unit 3 The Doula in the Hospital  
Unit 4 Prodromal Labor  
Unit 5 Active Labor - (Latent Phase) Stage 1  
Unit 6 Active Labor (Transition Phase) Stage 1  
Unit 7 Birth (Latent Phase) Stage 2  
Unit 8 The Doula’s role during Birth (Latent Phase) Stage 2  
Unit 9 Crowning and Birth (Active Phase) Stage 2  
Unit 10 Delivery of the Placenta (Afterbirth) Stage 3  
Unit 11 Summary and Quiz  
Module 9 The Doula after the birth
Unit 1 The need for Postpartum Support and Teaching Mothering Skills  
Unit 2 Lochia  
Unit 3 Vaginal trauma  
Unit 4 Perenium Soreness  
Unit 5 The breasts after birth  
Unit 6 Breastfeeding support  
Unit 7 Research assignment - Elective Choice  
Module 10 Madriella Birth Doula Certification Examination
Unit 1 Birth Doula Certification Exam