The Madriella Doula Network is owned by the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, a school of massage therapy continuing education.  The instructors are all massage therapists that specialize in Prenatal Massage (physical comfort measures) and have received additional specialized education in the physiological processes of birth.

The Madriella curriculum is reviewed by an informal Advisory Board that provides peer review and makes suggestions for program content. The Advisory Board members are all volunteers and are not paid for their services.

Although their primary role is to review the curriculum, they do on occasion offer mentoring advice to the new students and doulas in the program.

Advisory Board Mandate
To advise the faculty and staff of the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute on the accuracy and completeness of the curriculum and to suggest content as appropriate.

Length of Service 
As needed, typically 1-2 years. Advisory Board members serve at the discretion of the Director of the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute.

None. This is a volunteer position.

The current Advisory Board Members are: 
Jodie Raymond (Crisis Pregnancy counselor)

Nancy Perce (Massage Therapist)

Mary Kirschman (Nurse-retired)

If you are a member of Madriella and would like to suggest an addition or change to the curriculum please do so by sending us a message on the contact us page. Please begin the message with ATTN: Advisory Board.