The Madriella Childbirth educator program prepares our members to teach classes to families expecting babies. This course will help you to prepare women for childbirth and to better comprehend the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. Our Childbirth educators are a resource for families providing information they may not receive from their healthcare provider alone. The also help new parents to develop valuable strategies for managing pregnancy and childbirth.

This course is reserved for Professional members only.

Course Prerequisite: Madriella Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification Courses, Professional Development Course.

Course Requirements:
Textbook for course (see reading list)
A working Internet connection
A computer or mobile device capable of:
a) Accessing the Internet
b) Uploading a written assignment/digital photo
c) Posting/reading messages in the forum


Module 1 Examining Birth Choices and Goals
Unit 1 Elements of a great Childbirth Education Class  
Unit 2 Parental Expectations  
Unit 3 Learning Objectives  
Unit 4 Knowledge verbs for learning objectives  
Unit 5 The Syllabus and Lesson Plan  
Unit 6 Introducing the Peripheral Benefits of Childbirth Education  
Unit 7 Peripheral Benefits of Childbirth Education  
Unit 8 How to make your Class fun  
Unit 9 Add some games and activities to your lessons  
Unit 10 Peripheral Benefits Review  
Unit 11 Shared Decision Making  
Unit 12 Informed Consent  
Unit 13 Working with the Caregiver  
Unit 14 Where will they give birth  
Unit 15 What type of provider?  
Unit 16 Models of Care  
Unit 17 Very Important Decisions  
Unit 18 Textbook Assignment: Your Birth Worldview  
Module 2 Prenatal Wellness and the New Parents
Unit 1 Prenatal Tests, Screenings  
Unit 2 Prenatal Visits  
Unit 3 The tests themselves  
Unit 4 Warning Signs of Pregnancy Complications  
Unit 5 When to call the Doctor or Midwife  
Unit 6 Reducing Stress during Pregnancy  
Unit 7 The physiological effects of stress  
Unit 8 Healthy stress management for new mothers  
Unit 9 Dealing with Illness & Discomforts  
Unit 10 Medications and Hazardous Substances  
Unit 11 Traveling while pregnant  
Unit 12 Staying Fit in Pregnancy  
Unit 13 Textbook Assignment: Prenatal Fitness Resources  
Module 3 Preparing for Labor and Birth
Unit 1 Review of Birth Anatomy and Physiology  
Unit 2 Getting Ready  
Unit 3 The Stages of Labor  
Unit 4 Textbook assignment: The Stages of Labor  
Module 4 Teaching Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
Unit 1 Dealing with Labor Pain  
Unit 2 Comfort Techniques for Pain Relief and Labor Progress  
Unit 3 Pain Medications used in Childbirth  
Unit 4 The Physiological Stages of Birth  
Unit 5 Complications  
Unit 6 Cesarean Birth  
Unit 7 Textbook assignment: Finding Comfort in Birth  
Module 5 Postpartum Care
Unit 1 Recovering from birth  
Unit 2 Postpartum care  
Unit 3 Baby’s First Day  
Unit 4 Bringing Baby Home  
Unit 5 Medical Care for the Baby  
Unit 6 Getting Pregnant Again  
Unit 7 Textbook assignment: Following the Birth  
Module 6 Teaching Strategies for Groups and Couples
Unit 1 Running the Class  
Unit 2 Material Considerations