Welcome to the Madriella Doula Network membership renewal.

The first part of this course is a very short “refresher” that covers the five facets of support, our standards of practice, and code of ethics.

The second part is in survey format, which means we are interested in getting information from you about what you have learned and experienced during your three years as a member of the Madriella Doula Network.  We want you to share your stories with us, so we can learn from you too, and we can use what you tell us to help make our program even better.

After you complete this short course you will be prompted to pay the $100 renewal fee which extends your membership in the Network another three years.

Module 1 Madriella Core Concepts Review
Unit 1 The Five Facets of Support Review  
Unit 2 Facet 1 Review  
Unit 3 Facet 2 Review  
Unit 4 Facet 3 Review  
Unit 5 Facet 4 Review  
Unit 6 Facet 5 Review  
Unit 7 Standards of Practice Review Birth Doula  
Unit 8 Standards of Practice Review Postpartum  
Unit 9 Madriella Code of Ethics Review  
Module 2 Growth and Self-Evaluation
Unit 1 Birth/Postpartum Experiences  
Unit 2 Reflecting on Your Practice  
Unit 3 Self-Evaluation  
Module 3 Critical Feedback
Unit 1 The Madriella Curriculum  
Module 4 External Certificates
Unit 1 CPR/First Aid Certification  
Unit 2 Food Handlers Permit  
Module 5 Additions and Changes to the Curriculum
Unit 1 Changes to the Curriculum  
Module 6 Membership Renewal Fee
Unit 1 Pay and Renew your Membership for another three years