A Madriella certified postpartum doula provides guidance to new parents on important subjects like infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother & baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care.

The Madriella certified postpartum doula curriculum is an evidenced-based, academic program designed to fully prepare the applicant to serve a new family in those critical first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby.

To be certified as a Madriella Postpartum Doula you need to pass the online certification examination that is based on the material in this curriculum.  All certification candidates must be over the age of 18 and are required to obtain a valid CPR/First Aid certification before being certified. You may enroll in the program and take the certification examination without it, but we will not process your certification until you notify us that you have received it.

Course Prerequisite: Madriella Birth Doula Certification
(The Madriella Birth Doula course MUST be completed before this course can be started. No exceptions!) 

Course Requirements:
Textbook for course (see reading list)
A working Internet connection
A computer or mobile device capable of:
a) Accessing the Internet
b) Uploading a written assignment/digital photo
c) Posting/reading messages in the forum

Module 1 The Postpartum Doula
Unit 1 The Job Description  
Unit 2 Term of Employment  
Unit 3 Working Hours  
Unit 4 How Madriella's Five Facets of Support apply to the Postpartum Doula  
Unit 5 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz  
Module 2 Physical needs and care
Unit 1 What, you thought we were done with terms?  
Unit 2 Understanding the postpartum period  
Unit 3 Perineal Wound Care  
Unit 4 The Pelvic Floor  
Unit 5 Recovering from Cesarean Births  
Unit 6 Emotional Bonding  
Unit 7 Attachment  
Unit 8 Mom's Needs  
Unit 9 Getting adequate rest  
Unit 10 Physical Changes  
Unit 11 Regaining a healthy weight and shape  
Unit 12 Bathroom issues  
Unit 13 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz  
Module 3 Emotional needs and support
Unit 1 Emotional Needs of New Mothers  
Unit 2 About sexual relations in the postpartum period  
Unit 3 The worries of a new parent  
Unit 4 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz  
Module 4 Teaching Mothering skills
Unit 1 The Baby's Appearance  
Unit 2 Feeding Options  
Unit 3 Helping her succeed at breastfeeding  
Unit 4 Breastfeeding Basics  
Unit 5 Breastfeeding Issues and Resolutions  
Unit 6 Bottle Feeding  
Unit 7 Formula Options - Part 1  
Unit 8 Formula Options - Part 2  
Unit 9 Diaper Changing  
Unit 10 Bathing the Baby  
Unit 11 Sleeping Babies  
Unit 12 The Dreaded Colic  
Unit 13 Keeping the baby asleep  
Unit 14 Summary, footnotes and Quiz  
Module 5 General support
Unit 1 What is General Support  
Unit 2 Household Assistance  
Unit 3 Mt. Washmore  
Unit 4 Meals and Food Prep  
Unit 5 General Errands  
Unit 6 Required Reading  
Unit 7 Research Assignment Resources  
Unit 8 Summary and Quiz  
Module 6 Safety issues
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Postpartum Hemorrhage  
Unit 3 Preventing a Cesarean Wound Infection  
Unit 4 Post-Cesarean Wound Infection  
Unit 5 Psychological Safety  
Unit 6 Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Overview  
Unit 7 Psychosis in Pregnancy and Postpartum  
Unit 8 Summary and Quiz  
Module 7 Standards of Practice Review
Unit 1 Standards of Practice Review  
Module 8 Madriella Postpartum Doula Certification Examination
Unit 1 Postpartum Doula Certification Exam