• That Doula…

    By Beverly Young-Reed, Advisory Board Member, Madriella Doula Network When I started as a doula over 25 years ago hardly anyone knew what a doula was or did.   I don’t know how many times I […]

  • Does Doula Training Really Matter? Part 2

    ~Melanie Griffey, Owner of Heritage Birth Works 423-788-6055 info@HeritageBirthWorks.com Chattanooga, TN In the previous article I authored, we talked about how education makes such a huge impact on the way doulas are able to work […]

  • Madriella Toys-For-Tots Campaign 2017

    Madriella Toys-For-Tots Campaign 2017

    This year Madriella is partnering with customink.com to host a fundraiser for the Marine Toys-Tor-Tots Foundation.  We are selling limited edition T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies (because hospitals can be cold). This is the […]

  • Looking for the 2016 lost mothers....can you help?

    Looking for the 2016 lost mothers….can you help?

    Karen Bachman RN, CPM, from Chicago, Illinois area has put out a call for assistance. She shared this information on her FaceBook page this morning, and we are sharing it further with you after reaching […]

  • Doula Spotlight - Stacy Higginbotham

    Doula Spotlight – Stacy Higginbotham

    Tell us about you.   “My Name is Stacy Higginbotham from Stacy Higginbotham Birth Doula.   I am a certified Birth Doula I live in a small town in Amish country Ohio and usually travel […]

  • Pets and Birthworkers

    Pets and Birthworkers

    by Toni Hill, CD, PD, AWP, DEM, CLC Madriella Advisory Board Member & Approved Workshop Provider Tupelomidwife.com I will be the first to tell you that everybody’s dog is not my dog.  I share my […]

  • International Doula Month: Youtube.com Contest

    International Doula Month YouTube Contest

  • Credentials, Verification, Credibility, Authenticity...

    Credentials, Verification, Credibility, Authenticity…

    Credibility. Recently, on a group over within FaceBook, I participated in a discussion on the subject of “Credibility” within one of the many Doula communities. How do we, as Doulas, measure our credibility, our accountability, […]

  • Doula to Doula Ethics

    Doula to Doula Ethics

    I dream of a day when Doulas support each other unconditionally… Where no matter where you are certified through that the elitism is just non-existent. I can’t say how happy I am that Madriella’s culture promotes sisterhood […]

  • What you do matters greatly

    What you do matters greatly

    By Annie Hill – Senior Advisory Board Member, Madriella Doula Network I can’t stop thinking about a quote from the journal article ‘Modeling the Cost-Effectiveness of Doula Care Associated with Reductions in Preterm Birth and […]