To have the greatest impact we must FIRST take care of ourselves. You cannot give what you do not have.

Sometimes our passions are also our distractions and can create a deficit that is masked as servant hood. There is a difference between servant hood and martyrdom. As doulas and midwives we support mothers in trusting themselves, prioritizing self care, and feeling empowered. Are we applying what we teach them, to our own lives?

When we are not living our truths and practicing what we preach it affects our impact. Below is a quick reminder of 5 things you can do for yourself as a birth worker that will support you in supporting your mothers:

  1. Dedicate time just for you : Even if its only 5 minutes a day, do not let a day go by that you are not making time for yourself.
  2. Define your self care regimen : Do you need massage, herbal remedies, yoga, more rest? The tools that you recommend are tools that can benefit you as well. Create a plan of how to become consistent with your self-care regimen and put it into action.
  3. Fuel your confidence : Knowledge is power. Stay current on tools, information, and continued education that will help you feel confident about your gift of being a birth worker. Invest in your confidence.
  4. Stay positive : If you want to know how you truly feel about yourself, listen to your language. Are your words positive and inspiring or are you constantly describing yourself as stressed out, overwhelmed, struggling financially… Use tools like vision boards, affirmation cards, or inspiring music to keep yourself light.
  5. Create accountability : Who is aware of your commitment to be good to yourself? Find a few people who genuinely love and adore you and share with them your plan.

Your clients will know the difference between you at 100% and you at less. Be good to yourself knowing that you are increasing your positive impact in others’ lives when you do.

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