by Jewly A. Warren LMT, MCPCD

The Madriella Doula program teaches Doulas to offer support in five areas, called the “Five Facets of Support.” These five areas are Emotional, Physical, Informational, Partner reinforcement, and Self-Advocacy. It is great when we can find ways to provide several facets together. One popular solution I have found to be beneficial for mom-to-be and partner is my “Prenatal Massage For Couples Workshop .”

I am a Licensed massage therapist, but there are many forms of physical touch within the scope of a doula’s practice that she can combine with other facets of support. A workshop can be taught in a group or alone. Learning to apply physical touch can be key to the management of pain and anxiety.

Below is how this workshop can cover all five facets of care:
All my moms-to-be love this workshop. I am especially pleased to hear partners comment that the class helped build confidence and a stronger bond with mom and baby during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. That covers Physical, Emotional support, and Partner reinforcement. If couples regularly practice these lessons, they will learn what works best when it is time for labor and continue to build the confidence needed to advocate for themselves when necessary.

How do you see your workshop helping couples with the five facets of care?