Guest article provided by: Leslie Campos

When you have a baby, your priorities change. You may no longer be interested in clocking in and out of your workplace each day. Many of us choose to start businesses instead. But, if you’re tackling these major life transitions at the same time, there are a few things you should know. Here are 10.

You need help.
You are a superwoman, and the life that you nurtured and brought into the world is proof of that. However, you can greatly benefit from help, especially in the early days of your child’s life. Use the Madriella Doula Network to find a postpartum doula that can help you acclimate to motherhood in the first six weeks after birth.

You can build your own website.
You can use a drag and drop web design app to put your own website online without the added expense of a designer. If you want to get the word out there as quickly and efficiently as possible, look for a template for infographics that you can update as often as possible. Using the free templates is much cheaper than a graphic artist, and you can change the background, text, and other design elements from the comfort of home, even while you breastfeed.

You must have a business plan.
A business plan describes everything about your business, including who will manage it, where the money will come from to fund it, and how much you expect to make each quarter. It is a crucial component of your success, and you should have this document finalized before you officially file your business structure.

Apps that streamline processes.
The digital age makes it possible for you to streamline both aspects of your business as well as your baby’s care. For business, consider invoicing software; for your baby, consider adding apps to your smart home hub that let you log events and take notes hands-free.

Your baby needs his own space.
Although you want your baby close to you while you work, even little ones need their own space. Make sure they have a safe area to play. Before you set up their area, review the American Academy of Pediatrics’ playpen safety guidelines.

Grocery delivery is your best friend.
You don’t want to take your baby out into public anyway, and having your groceries delivered can save you two or three hours each week.

There are ways to save on your baby’s expenses.
Starting a business takes money, but babies are expensive. The good news here: you don’t have to buy everything new, and you don’t have to buy everything you think you need. Wipe warmers, baby shoes, and even baby oil (and baby powder!) are all extraneous expenses.

You do not have to start big.
In business, bigger is not always better. Start small so that you can get to know your business while you get to know your baby. The point here is to keep from getting overwhelmed, which can make you less effective at each one of your responsibilities.

Taxes can get complicated.
When you work for someone else, your taxes are easy. You don’t really have to keep up with much, and your end-of-the-year W-2 form has pretty much all the information you need. But, when you choose self-employment, you have to keep up with every dime you spend, how much of your home you use for your business, and quarterly self-employment taxes, which TaxAct notes are covered in half by your employer when you work for a business.

Not all businesses can be done from home.
If you’re working exclusively from your computer, you’re probably fine. However, if your business makes noise, requires parking on residential streets, or utilizes toxic substances, you likely will not be issued a permit, and you can be fined if you are caught operating from a residential area.

Is this everything that you need to know as you begin your journey to parenthood and art partnership? Absolutely not. But, having a business plan, shaving time off your daily routines, and knowing how to update your online world will help you get started. One last piece of advice: savor every moment. Before you know it, the swaddled bundle in your arms will be driving themselves to school each morning.

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