The Madriella Doula Network is pleased to present the official Madriella ID Badge.  This high-quality photo identification badge is protected by a security hologram and has a QR code that can be scanned by any QR code reading app. When scanned it links to our database to display all of your Madriella Credentials.

This badge is available only to our Professional Members that have completed the Professional Development course.

After ordering the card you must email us a headshot.  The photo can be taken with a cellphone, as long as the face is clearly shown and the background is white or light colored. The photo should be emailed to us at This is a Professional identification, so we will reject any photo that does not look professional, so no snarky expressions!

We do have to charge $20 to cover the cost of printing the card and shipping it to you.

The link to order your ID badge appears on the last unit of the Professional Development course, so if you have already completed that course you can go there now to order the Badge.