ID-100160693As much as we all would like to be super busy and be “THE” resource in our area, it’s not something practical to ask for. There are so many amazing people in your community that if you look you might be able to turn up to refer your clients to – and they in kind will be able to refer back to you.

The Madriella textbook refers to how Doulas can act as Service Brokers, connecting their clients with resources in the community that might be able to meet the specific needs of the mother after the baby is born. The Doula can provide a valuable service by linking her clients with agencies that can help her and her family.

So what sort of resources and or services are we talking?

  • Obstetricians or Midwives in your area
  • Information on the hospitals available
  • Mother’s Circles in your area
  • The local MOPS group
  • Massage Therapists
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Food Banks
  • The local WIC office
  • A Belly Bind Specialist (not something Madriella offers as a certification at this point in time)
  • Herbalists
  • Nutritionists
  • PostPartum Doulas (if that’s not your thing)
  • Bereavement Doula’s
  • Lactation Support, whether via WIC Peer Support, a CLC or an IBCLC if it’s beyond your personal skills or training.
  • Postpartum Counseling (not your responsibility as a Doula and something beyond your standards of practice unless you are a Licensed Therapist.)
  • Pediatric Dentists (Tongue and Lip Tie are becoming very widely known for breastfeeding obstacles, and a good pediatric dentist can perform a revision of this issue)
  • Pediatricians
  • Chiropractors

Often Doula’s stand in the mid-ground between family and Midwife or Physician support. In many areas you are the person who will be their first resource. While you are non-medical maternal/familial support your role is just as important to the emotional and physical well being of your client(s,) and having these resources identified ahead of time will make your life easier If you happen to be one of the more busier Doula’s out there – preparation like this will allow you to maximize your time with your family as well as the families you support.

We believe in you and support you – and are very glad you’ve chosen to be amongst the Doula’s who have chosen our path and follow our philosophy. “We believe that all women should have birthing and mothering skills, not just those that can afford expensive trainings.” This isn’t something that as a Madriella Doula we smile and nod to, but we actually believe and are glad you do too!