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The Knowledge Base is a member driven Doula-Wiki. Material taken from publicly edited sources (like Wikipedia) are ALWAYS cross-referenced and checked for medical accuracy with websites like Mayoclinic.org, Medlineplus.com, and hopkinsmedicine.org.

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Our official acronyms are as follows:

• Madriella Doula Network Certified Doula, Acronym: MCD.

• Madriella Doula Network Postpartum Doula, Acronym: MCPD.

• Madriella Doula Network Certified Professional Doula, Acronym: MCPCD.

• Madriella Doula Network Childbirth Educator, Acronym: MCE.

• Madriella Doula Network Breastfeeding Educator, Acronym: MBE.

• Madriella Doula Network Placenta Specialist, Acronym: MPS.

• Madriella Doula Network Loss & Bereavement Doula, Acronym: MLBD.