How much does the course cost?
With Madriella you do not pay for the courses, you pay a one-time membership fee which grants you access to the courses for three years. The membership fee is non-refundable and is paid at the time of enrollment. The fee is based on the level of membership you select.

What are the Membership levels?
Level 1: Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
This membership grants access to the online Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula Certification courses. The membership is valid for three years and costs $150.

Level 2: Professional Membership
This membership grants access to ALL of our courses, including the online Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula Certification courses, the Professional Development course, Massage for the Laboring Woman, Certified Childbirth Educator, and Madriella Breastfeeding Educator. The membership is valid for three years and costs $300.

How long is the course?
All of the courses are self-paced. The Birth Doula course is the first course that must be completed and on average it takes 20-25 days to complete. It can be done much faster if the student has a the time to work on it and is very motivated.

Are there any hidden fees or extra costs? 
There are no other fees collected by Madriella except the printing of the Smart ID badge that is linked to our network. That is an optional item that can be requested by Professional Members after they completed the Professional Development course and it costs $20 to have the badge printed and shipped to you.

Other expenses of the program include the books and the Professional Development course requires that you have a valid CPR/First Aid course that includes infants and a Safe Food Handling Certificate. Borth of those can be obtained online very inexpensively.

How do I interact with the Instructor?
Some assignments have to be manually graded by the instructor, for example, any papers you write and the practical “hands-on” assignments, etc. For these, you will typically receive an email from the instructor after it is graded with some feedback. If you have questions about the assignment or you need clarification about an issue you can always email the instructor directly at any time. If the instructor feels that a phone call is necessary they may arrange one with you independently.

How do I become Certified? 
Madriella certifies our Doulas upon the successful completion of the course. This is dependent upon all assignments being completed, including the practical assignments, and that the student’s full membership fee has been paid.

What are the admission requirements? 
Madriella is open to all adults (18 years of age or older).

Will I be required to attend live births in order to be certified? 
In most cases, no, but if your state has a Doula licensing program Madriella will require you to meet their statutory requirements. All students are required to demonstrate practical competency in regard to physical comfort measures. This is accomplished by working with a volunteer model at home and being photographed. The pictures are then uploaded to the website and evaluated by your instructors.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking “Membership Cancel” on your billing information page.
Please keep in mind that the enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Is Madriella a College or Vocational School?
No, Madriella is a private business not a college or vocational school.

Is Madriella a Religious Organization? 
The curriculum of Madriella is entirely secular, however, we do believe that the Judeo-Christian ethos of universal love and compassion for all people and honesty and faithfulness in financial matters is a great set of standards and that is what we use to run our business, so you may see a scriptural reference or two on our website, but it is not in the curriculum and Madriella is open to all people regardless of personal beliefs.

What is the Mission of Madriella?
Very simply, to teach as many people birth support skills as possible, as inexpensively as possible.

Does Madriella endorse any political groups?
No. Madriella does not support any political parties or support any social movements. We are educators, not activists.

Do I have to be in the United States to enroll?
No. The Madriella curriculum is being used by women in countries all over the world. We currently have active members in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Italy, Russia, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Brazil.  Our website is fully compatible with Google Translate and we are willing to allow substitutions for the required books if they are not available in the reader’s native language.

Military Discounts
Madriella offers a 50% to all active-duty military members and their dependents. To apply for the Military Family Fee Waiver click here.

Can I take the Birth Doula course just to support a friend/loved one? 
Yes, that is why we have the level 1 Basic Membership. Please be aware that it is the same Birth Doula course that our professional members take, so you will need to put in some time.

Why is this program so much cheaper than other Doula programs?
There are two reasons why this course is less expensive than others. The first is that is because it is an online course which allows us to deliver it much more efficiently.

The second reason is philosophical, we work really hard to make it as inexpensive as possible because we want as many people as possible to learn basic birth support skills. We feel very strongly that economics should not be a barrier to learning how to help women experience better births. If we could, we would offer this course for free.

Where does the name Madriella come from?
The name Madriella means “Beautiful Mother”.

How long has Madriella been Certifying Doulas?
The program began in 2006 as a Doula Certification Continuing Education Class that was offered at Golden State Massage School, a school of Massage. We now have 3,000+ members in more than a dozen countries.

Does my certification expire?
No, your Certification does not expire, Madriella education confers basic birth support skills and theory that do not expire with time, so we do not require you to “re-certify.” What does expire is your membership in our Doula Network.

What is included with Membership in our Network?
Continued access to our online courses is the primary benefit of being a member of our Network. We will also provide a confirmation that you are certified through Madriella to any mother or prospective employer that asks. Our Professional Members have the option of ordering a Smart ID badge that is linked to our network and displays your credentials to anyone with a bar code scanning app on their phone. When possible we will also include a link to our member’s website on our “Find a Doula” Map.

How much can do Doulas earn?
That is a tough question, many do not charge at all for the service. The national average for Doula services is $1,200.00 per birth. As most of the Doulas we certify are Massage Therapists many of them just charge their regular hourly rates.

How do Doulas get paid?
Most Doulas are self-employed and are paid by the mother or the mother’s family. Some are employed by Hospitals and Birthing Centers, and they are paid as any other employee would be. Some insurance companies are starting to reimburse for Doulas, and HSA/FSA’s now do cover Doula services.

Do I have to have given birth myself to be a Doula?
No. Madriella is open to any adult, female or male that wants to learn birth support skills.

Madriella does not require all applicants to be mothers themselves, but traditionally Doulas that have given birth themselves carry more credibility and are able to better encourage women that are going through birth. But if you have never given birth and you desire to be a part of this magical experience there is no reason why you can not.

Where can I get a job as a Doula?
Professional Doulas are less common than some organizations would promote, but it is a growing field. There may be a lot of hard work and effort in educating your community as to what a Doula is, depending on where you are located at. The vast majority of Doulas are employed as childbirth educators, massage therapists, nurses, midwives, or other professionals and they perform the Doula services on the side.

In some regions, there are some self-employed Doulas that have made it a business and there are a few progressive hospitals and birthing centers around the country that employ Doulas in their labor and delivery rooms, but these are still rare. That is why this is an avocational course.

Many Alternative Medicine Clinics are offering Doula services now, as well as Massage Clinics and Wellness Centers.

What happens when I pay for the Course?
When you pay for the course your membership will be activated immediately. You can then start the Birth Doula course right away.

What if I fail a test?
If you fail a test you will receive a failure notice, and you may take that test again. You are allowed to retake a test up to two times.

How long does it take to get a paper graded?
Our goal is a 24 hour turn around, but please give the instructor some grace when it comes to weekends and holidays.