The Madriella Doula Network takes grievances regarding the conduct of our certificants very seriously. Note, however, that we can only accept complaints or issues with Doulas who are currently active, dues paying members of our professional network.

We strongly encourage you to contact the Certificant and attempt to resolve any issues before you file a formal complaint.

Madriella Doulas are not employees of, they are individuals that have completed a course of study using the Madriella Curriculum, taught by one of our instructors and have passed our Certification Examination, entitling them to be listed in our Network of Doulas. Their continued listing in that Network is contingent upon their adherence to the Madriella Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. is not responsible for the actions of individuals that have completed a course of study using our curriculum. The individual Certificants are solely responsible for their actions, business dealings and any damages they may cause. We are not arbitrators of disputes between Certificants and those that hire them.

Please be aware that ALL information in the formal complaint will be shared with the Certificant, witnesses, and any other involved parties as part of our investigation. No information in the complaint, including the name of the individual making the complaint, will be withheld.

No information that is to be considered confidential, including medical, personal or financial, should be included in the complaint.

If you believe that a Certificant has committed a crime, please report that crime to your local law enforcement.

If you believe a Madriella Doula has violated the Madriella Code of Ethics and/or Standards of Practice the complaint must be written in a formal statement, which must be signed and dated by the person making the complaint. This formal statement must include the following information:

1. The name of the person filing the grievance. Anonymous complaints will not be processed.

2. The name, address and phone number of the Madriella Doula about whom you are filing the complaint.

3. A clear statement of your involvement in the incident being reported. We only process complaints submitted by individuals personally involved in the incidents being reported. This includes the mother or family members that contracted with the Certificant, first-hand witnesses present for the incident, hospital staff, etc.

4. A detailed description of the facts supporting the complaint. Please include the names and contact information of any witnesses who can provide additional information.

5. A description of any steps that have been taken to address the situation in the complaint, and the results of any such steps.

6. A list of specific sections of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice you believe have been violated.

7. Your stated permission for the Madriella Doula Network to share the formal complaint in its entirety and all information contained therein with the Certificant named in the complaint, witnesses mentioned by name in the complaint, legal counsel, law enforcement, or any other party involved in handling and investigating the complaint.

8. Your signature and date.

The formal statement must be printed out, signed, scanned into .pdf format, and emailed to our office at The subject of the message should read FORMAL GRIEVANCE.

The body of the email must contain the name, telephone number, and address of the person making the grievance. This is to be included in the body of the email, not the attached formal statement. The formal statement will be forwarded to the Certificant.

This is for staff to follow up with the person making the complaint. The address and phone number will not be shared with the Certificant, but the name of the person making the complaint will be.

Formal complaints received will be reviewed by the Madriella Program manager. If an investigation appears to be warranted the Program Manager or their designee will contact the Certificant and a copy of the formal complaint will be forwarded to them as it was received by our office, with a request for information related to the incident described.

After receiving the Certificants written response to the complaint the program manager will make follow up calls and emails to other named parties in the complaint in order to collect all relevant data.

A decision will then be rendered based on all available information. There are three possible Outcomes:

No action will be taken.

A formal reprimand will be issued, along with a letter of correction.

The Certificant will be removed from the Madriella Doula Network and their Professional Membership status revoked.