Angela M. Morris, CTTH, CB/PD, AWP, CBE, TBF, DEM, SBD Madriella Doula since 2010

It’s late July, August is right around the corner and it’s HOT out. Now imagine being 41 weeks pregnant and you have where a client of mine is right now. Even the ACOG says to not interfere with the process of birth quite yet, as at 41 weeks, it’s not post term (she has 6 more days for that) – but being that heavily pregnant at this stage, it’s tiring and if you’re the woman expecting, you are likely just done.

So as a birth pro or birth support person – what can we do to help our clients/family members in this situation.

Remind her to stay hydrated –her fluid and electrolyte balance is essential right now. We live in the high desert here, and it’s important to actually keep up salt intake, vs. minimize it. Have her talk with her Doctor or Midwife about that, it really is important.

Mention cool showers help – they really do.

Light clothing – this is not the time to be showing off those unicorn LuLaRoe leggings…

Don’t forget the sunscreen when going out in the sun, and reapply it frequently in the day.

Have her ask for help if she’s too tired to cook, clean or run errands.

Suggest she postpone any non critical things on her calendar – if she doesn’t need to do it herself, find someone else to do it or just postpone it.

Naps help! If too hot to take a nap – a cool towel that’s been wet down will feel amazing on her body while she drifts off to sleep.

Spray Bottles of Water – they really do help, have her carry one on her at all times.

Watch out for heavy foods – and summer picnic foods that if left out in the sun can sour and leave her with an upset stomach.

Suggest maybe time in a pool – one of the hotels nearby where I live has open swimming for 5.00 a day here, and if you can’t find a resource like that – there’s always the idea of an inflatable kiddie pool.

Remind her that it will pass… this is the easiest it will ever be to care for that baby.

I’ve found that Goldbond Powder is cooling and safe as it’s applied topically and not internally – it gives a mama some reprieve from being sticky hot.

Odds are she’s hot and tired, and she’s been messaging you to make it all better. Have patience, as really this baby will come soon and you’ll either be off call for her, and able to go to the lake/shore/mountains (where there’s no cell signal) yourself after, or you will be able to comfortably go on call for the next mama…

Conveniently most of the advice above can help the birth pro too – remember to take care of yourself in all this as well, as you can’t pour from an empty cup.