2837_Madriella BabyCongratulations to our own Madriella Doula,  Ashley Mitchell on the birth of her new son Conall-Carlton David.

Born 22/6/2016 he was 9.6 pounds and 23 inches long.

Ashley is the owner of “My Only Sunshine Motherhood Services” in Lincoln Maine, and while she’s enjoying December with her new baby, she’ll be available for bookings again in the new year! She is a Madriella Certified Doula and Authorized Workshop Provider.

Doulas from My Only Sunshine Motherhood Services can be found serving the following hospitals in their radius:

  • Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • Houlton Regional Hospital
  • Mayo Regional Hospital
  • Maine Coast Memorial Hospital
  • Calais Regional Hospital
  • Waldo County General Hospital

They can be found volunteering for the following organizations:

  • First Step Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Pregnancy After A Loss (PALS)
  • Military Birth and Family Support Services (MBFSS)
  • The Military Doula
  • Grieve Out Loud
  • First Candle
  • American Cancer Society

Again Congratulations Ashley, we are proud to have you as one of our own, and he sure is a cutie!