• Understanding Developmental Disabilities

    The birth industry is an optimistic one, filled with happy images of healthy babies, but in reality, many babies are born with a birth defect or genetic disorder. Some of these are abnormalities of structure, […]

  • Young Parent Support Specialist

    Teenage parents face an array of challenges that are unique to their situation. This course is designed to prepare our Doulas to serve them during Birth and Postpartum by adapting the five facets of support […]

  • Madriella Doula Network Membership Renewal

    Welcome to the Madriella Doula Network membership renewal. The first part of this course is a very short “refresher” that covers the basics of being a Madriella Doula. The second part is in survey format, […]

  • Madriella Approved Workshop Provider (AWP)

    This course is for those who fill the previously established requirements for an Approved Workshop Requirements. This course is under development right now and as such is not available for registration. Approval is based on […]

  • Loss and Bereavement Doula

    This course is designed to offer a practical guide to applying the Madriella five facets of support to parents that have experienced miscarriage and stillbirth. There is also a brief section dealing with spousal loss. […]

  • Certified Placenta Specialist Course

    The purpose of this course is to inform our Doulas, and through them, the mothers they serve, of the options they have for showing reverence and respect for the placenta, the marvelous organ that nourished […]

  • Madriella Breastfeeding Educator

    Madriella Breastfeeding Educators are professional breastfeeding specialists that teach new mothers how to feed their baby. This course will prepare you to help women experiencing common breastfeeding problems like difficulty latching, painful nursing, and low […]

  • Childbirth Educator Certification

    The Madriella Childbirth educator program prepares our members to teach classes to families expecting babies. This course will help you to prepare women for childbirth and to better comprehend the physical and emotional changes of […]

  • Massage for the laboring woman

    This course covers the fundamental basics of prenatal massage and the physiological changes of pregnancy. It also covers the contraindications of prenatal massage and comfort and support measures that can be employed during labor to […]

  • Madriella Doula Network Certified Professional Doula

    For those Doulas that charge for their services and make a living that incorporates their passion for helping others, we offer this professional development continuing education course. This course is designed to help you expand […]