“Hands-on” Live workshops are available in some locations. Contact us to find a workshop provider near you. Attendance at a workshop is not necessary for certification but it is offered for women that are more comfortable learning the physical skills with an instructor present.

Attendees at an Approved Workshop learn the hands-on techniques from experienced Madriella Doulas. Attendees are still required to pass the online certification examination.

Why are the workshops not required?
Many members of Madriella have previous experience and have attended extensive Doula training programs with other organizations or educational institutions. They are still required to pass our certification examinations, but are not required to repeat the training.

Who should attend a workshop? 
Of course, we recommend them to everyone, but those that get the most benefit are women that wish to work as a doula professionally (charging for their services), those with little hands-on experience and those women that have never experienced birth themselves. Although it is not required for certification, we can’t overstate the value of learning directly from an experienced Doula.

To find the dates and times for approved workshops in your state, please click here.

If you are an experienced Doula and would like to become an Approved Workshop Provider please apply here.

If you have recently attended a Workshop and would like to give us feedback on the provider please click here.