By Annie Hill
Senior Advisory Board Member
Madriella Doula Network

Madriella has always used the naming convention of “Certificate Name (Madriella)” for our certificate holders, of which our Certified Doulas have oft shortened down to CD, or CPPD, etc…

We feel that as a Doula organization we should be without ambiguity. As such and in the spirit of both clarity and meeting the needs of our members, we have streamlined our acronyms for members of the Madriella Doula Network that have earned their certifications by not only meeting any academic requirements but other listed requirements per certification opportunity.

Our official acronyms are as follows:

• Madriella Doula Network Certified Doula, Acronym: MCD.
(The MCD Acronym replaces “Certified Doula (Madriella)”

• Madriella Doula Network Postpartum Doula, Acronym: MCPD.
(The MCPD Acronym replaces Certified Postpartum Doula (Madriella)”

• Madriella Doula Network Certified Professional Doula, Acronym: MCPCD.
(Madriella Professional Certified Doula – This is a new credential signifying they have met both birth doula, & postpartum doula certification requirements, plus hold a valid CPR/BLS for professionals, have their blood-borne pathogens certification and are food safety certified.  This credential is a requirement for being able to obtain any other offered by the Madriella Doula Network.)

• Madriella Doula Network Childbirth Educator, Acronym: MCE.
(The MCE Acronym replaces “Certified Childbirth Educator (Madriella)”)

• Madriella Doula Network Breastfeeding Educator, Acronym: MBE.
(The MBE Acronym replaces “Certified Lactation Educator (Madriella)”

• Madriella Doula Network Placenta Specialist, Acronym: MPS.
(The MPS Acronym replaces “Certified Placenta Specialist (Madriella)”

• Madriella Doula Network Loss & Bereavement Doula, Acronym: MLBD.
(This is a new credential offered by the Madriella Doula Network.)

• Madriella Doula Network Approved Workshop Provider, Acronym: MAWP.
(The MAWP Acronym replaces “Approved Workshop Provider – Madriella”)

Should you be a Madriella Certified Doula who did not use the prior naming convention of Certified _______ (Madriella) – we feel your pain and encourage you to update your card with your next printing of business cards.

Madriella’s intent has always been to make Doula Certification accessible and affordable, and while your business cards are a tax deduction, they still cost to print… we understand the need to wait until your next batch of cards is needed. Our strong statement is when you do update them, please use the updated nomenclature so we are consistent with Madriella Doula Network standards.

Also please note – if you have taken a Madriella workshop but have not completed the online course, the approved workshops are not sufficient to call yourself a Certified Doula through the Madriella Doula Network.  Have questions?  Drop a line to – we’ll be glad to help you.