The Exercise
Have your client gently move to all fours and lower her upper torso as far to the floor as is comfortable. It is perfectly acceptable to have her use a pillow for support as shown in the picture. Her body weight should be evenly distributed between her knees and her forearms.

Once in this pose, she can relax her belly, head, and neck. When she gets tired of being in the pose she can move upwards to a traditional hands and knees position.

NOTE: The mother may feel increased pressure on her diaphragm in this position, and it should not be held any longer than comfortable. If she feels like she is not getting enough oxygen she should return to her hands and knees immediately.

The inversion is an exercise that is useful for helping the mother relax her pelvic floor while at the same time it allows the baby an opportunity to shift his/her position in the womb.

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