The Exercise
Have your client sit 0n the ball so that her feet are flat and a comfortable distance apart. Her feet and the center of the ball should make a tripod when she sits down. She can use the ball to gently rock from side to side and back and forth. Sitting on a birth ball is a great exercise for the mother because it gently works her abdominal and back muscles in addition to the pelvic floor muscles, which is all great for preparation for birth.

NOTE: While the mother is on the ball the Doula can administer a variety of massage techniques, applying pressure to the lower back, stroking the lower back, squeezing the hips, etc. If the mother is not entirely stable she can hold onto the back of a chair as shown in the picture.

The mother can sit on the ball frequently during pregnancy and even during the early stages of labor.

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower back, abdomen, and pelvic floor. The gentle rocking/swaying motion can also help mom and baby relax. It can also help relieve back pain, pregnancy-related sciatica, can reduce the pressure on the joints, and helps to encourage good posture during pregnancy.

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