Professional Member Payment Plan

In an effort to make our Doula training more accessible we have created a monthly payment program. When you enroll in this program, you are agreeing that we will charge your credit card $50 per month for six months, and a $25 set up fee ($325 total).

You can cancel your enrollment at any time by emailing us or using the website contact page to let us know you would like to stop the program. This will prevent your card from being charged for future payments, but there are no refunds for payments that have already been processed.

Please be aware that the Madriella Doula Network is owned by the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, so it may show up on your credit card as

Charge Back Policy
If you institute a charge-back (complaint to your credit card company that the charge was not authorized or you did not receive the service) we consider this to be an attempt to defraud our company. You will receive a failing grade for any courses you are currently enrolled in and you will be dismissed from the Network and will not be re-admitted in the future.

Starting the Program
After you submit this application it could take a full 24-hours for you to receive the email with your login credentials. It's not instantaneous, you're enrolling in a school, not downloading a song, it takes a while for us to create your account. Please be patient. You will receive an email from OR and it may land in your spam/junk folder, so please check there before contacting us.

By completing and submitting this form I am authorizing the Madriella Doula Network to charge my credit card $75 now (covering the first-month payment) and $50 per month for a total of $325.

Please enter the credit card payment information below


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