Module 1 The Postpartum Doula
Unit 1 The Job Description
Unit 2 Term of Employment
Unit 3 Working Hours
Unit 4 How Madriella's Five Facets of Support apply to the Postpartum Doula
Unit 5 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz
Module 2 Physical needs and care
Unit 1 What, you thought we were done with terms?
Unit 2 Understanding the postpartum period
Unit 3 Perineal Wound Care
Unit 4 The Pelvic Floor
Unit 5 Recovering from Cesarean Births
Unit 6 Emotional Bonding
Unit 7 Attachment
Unit 8 Mom's Needs
Unit 9 Getting adequate rest
Unit 10 Physical Changes
Unit 11 Regaining a healthy weight and shape
Unit 12 Bathroom issues
Unit 13 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz
Module 3 Emotional needs and support
Unit 1 Emotional Needs of New Mothers
Unit 2 About sexual relations in the postpartum period
Unit 3 The worries of a new parent
Unit 4 Summary, Footnotes and Quiz
Module 4 Teaching Mothering skills
Unit 1 The Baby's Appearance
Unit 2 Feeding Options
Unit 3 Helping her succeed at breastfeeding
Unit 4 Breastfeeding Basics
Unit 5 Breastfeeding Issues and Resolutions
Unit 6 Bottle Feeding
Unit 7 Formula Options - Part 1
Unit 8 Formula Options - Part 2
Unit 9 Diaper Changing
Unit 10 Bathing the Baby
Unit 11 Sleeping Babies
Unit 12 The Dreaded Colic
Unit 13 Keeping the baby asleep
Unit 14 Summary, footnotes and Quiz
Module 5 General support
Unit 1 What is General Support
Unit 2 Household Assistance
Unit 3 Mt. Washmore
Unit 4 Meals and Food Prep
Unit 5 General Errands
Unit 6 Required Reading
Unit 7 Research Assignment Resources
Unit 8 Summary and Quiz
Module 6 Safety issues
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Postpartum Hemorrhage
Unit 3 Preventing a Cesarean Wound Infection
Unit 4 Post-Cesarean Wound Infection
Unit 5 Psychological Safety
Unit 6 Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Overview
Unit 7 Psychosis in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Unit 8 Summary and Quiz
Module 7 Standards of Practice Review
Unit 1 Standards of Practice Review
Module 8 Madriella Postpartum Doula Certification Examination
Unit 1 Postpartum Doula Certification Exam