This badge is linked to your Madriella account and will display your credentials when scanned by a smartphone with any QR Code reader app. This allows you to take your credentials with you to any hospital/birthing center and when visiting parents that may be considering hiring you.

Please read this carefully
After you order your card, be sure to email us a headshot. Email the photo to  The photo must clearly show your face and must have a white (or very light-colored) background.  The company that makes these badges make them to hospital identification card standards, so if the picture is not ID Badge worthy they will kick it back! There are some tips below for taking a good picture.

NOTE: You can order it now, but the card will not be shipped to you until you have passed the Birth Doula course and have paid the entire enrollment fee.

Important Licensing Information
You are not purchasing this ID Badge, the badges are the property of the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, the parent company of Madriella.

The $20 fee you are paying covers the cost of linking the badge’s barcode scanner to your Madriella account and the shipping to mail it to you.

If you are outside of the USA 
It costs us approximately DOUBLE the shipping to send these outside of the country, so if you are not in the USA please change the quantity in the cart to “2” and update the cart so that it reads $40 instead of $20, that will cover the extra shipping costs.

Order ID

Taking a good picture

1. Stand with your back against a blank section of a wall (the lighter the wall color, the better). No scenery in the background.
2. Look straight ahead at the camera.
3. Nothing obscuring the face (sunglasses, bangs, etc)
4. The head should be as close to the upper-center of the picture as possible, do not crop off the top or sides.
5. Have someone else take the picture! Selfies do not work.