Childbirth Education is a vital aspect of maternal and infant health. If you have taken the Madriella Childbirth Educator certification program you have not only gained valuable skills for providing support during labor but also a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Now, it’s time to share that knowledge and expertise with your community through childbirth education classes. In this blog post, we’ll outline a detailed plan for offering childbirth education classes as a way to serve your community while raising awareness of your Doula business.

Step 1: Define Your Objectives
Before diving into the logistics, it’s essential to clarify your goals for offering childbirth education classes. Consider the following objectives:

Empower Expectant Parents: Provide comprehensive information to expectant parents to empower them to make informed decisions about their birthing experience.

Raise Awareness: Increase awareness about the importance of doula support during childbirth and postpartum.

Promote Your Doula Services: Use the classes as a platform to introduce your doula services and the benefits of having a doula.

Build a Supportive Community: Create a network of expectant parents who can support and learn from each other.

Step 2: Curriculum Development
Develop a structured curriculum for your childbirth education classes. If you can afford it, the Plumtree Baby Childbirth Education Curriculum is really good, but if you are going to make one yourself consider including the following topics:

Anatomy and Physiology: Explain the stages of pregnancy, labor, and birth, focusing on the physical changes that occur.

Prenatal Care: Discuss the importance of prenatal care, nutrition, and exercise during pregnancy.

Labor and Birth: Cover the stages of labor, coping strategies, pain management options, and the role of a doula.

Medical Interventions: Inform parents about common medical interventions and their potential risks and benefits.

Postpartum Care: Discuss postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and emotional well-being.

Newborn Care: Offer guidance on newborn care, including feeding, sleep, and bonding.

Role of the Birth Partner: Educate partners on how to provide effective support during labor and birth.

If you have completed the Madriella Childbirth Educator Certification course you should be well prepared to cover all of these subjects!

Step 3: Location and Resources
Determine where you will conduct your classes. Options include community centers, local libraries, or even online platforms. Ensure you have access to necessary resources such as presentation materials, models, and visual aids.

Step 4: Marketing and Promotion
To raise awareness about your childbirth education classes and your doula services:

Create a Website: Develop a professional website showcasing your classes, doula services, testimonials, and contact information.

Social Media: Utilize social media platforms to share informative content, class updates, and success stories.

Collaborate: Partner with local healthcare providers, midwives, or obstetricians who can refer expectant parents to your classes.

Attend Community Events: Participate in community events and health fairs to promote your services.

Offer Free Workshops: Host free introductory workshops to give parents a taste of your classes.

Step 5: Class Structure
Plan the logistics of your classes, including the duration, frequency, and cost. Consider offering flexible schedules to accommodate working parents, and provide both in-person and virtual options.

Step 6: Registration and Support
Set up a registration system for your classes, and provide ongoing support to enrolled parents. Encourage questions and discussions during and after each class, fostering a sense of community.

Step 7: Commemorate Course Completion
Make completing your course a special moment by taking their picture for sharing on social media and having them hold (or wear) a few inexpensive props.

Offer to take their picture and post it to your business’s social media account. You will be building their confidence, and helping them overcome their anxiety, and you can make it a fun memory for them while promoting your classes and Doula practice.

Step 8: Evaluate and Improve
Regularly assess the effectiveness of your classes through feedback from participants. One of the things we teach at Madriella’s parent company, the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, is using surveys to improve your business. Simply having them fill out a short form to give you feedback after your course is very helpful. Use this input to refine your curriculum and teaching methods continually.

Offering childbirth education classes in your community not only serves as a valuable resource for expectant parents but also raises awareness of the doula profession. By providing comprehensive, evidence-based information and fostering a supportive community, you’ll empower parents to make informed decisions about their childbirth journey while promoting your doula services. As a Madriella-certified Doula and Childbirth Educator, you have the knowledge and passion to make a significant impact on your community’s maternal and infant health.