Karen Bachman RN, CPM, from Chicago, Illinois area has put out a call for assistance. She shared this information on her FaceBook page this morning, and we are sharing it further with you after reaching out to her about it…

Did you know that an estimated 700 to 900 women in the U.S. died from pregnancy-related causes in 2016?

NPR and ProPublica have been searching for these lost mothers but have only been able to identify 134 of them. Karen is hoping to identify as many mothers as she can who were lost from pregnancy-related causes in 2016. Karen is working to make sure these women are remembered, and not lost in time, anonymously noted and memorialized as a statistic…

Karen is but one set of dedicated hands behind the “Safe Motherhood Quilt” (a beautiful project created by Ina May Gaskin) and is committed to making sure these women are remembered.

Social media has far-reaching hands and her personal goal is to see her request for help obtain well over 100 shares within the next 48 hours, and per Karen: “With these shares, I am hoping to identify 10 mothers who have lost their lives. Can you help???

I think we can, much of the readership here are Doulas, and it’s very much our job to “Mother the Mother” – we can help these women in memoriam and I think we’d all want to be remembered in this situation… these are our sisters, our aunts, to some our mothers… there are families without their presence and love who do remember them.

The project isn’t limited to the names of women in 2016.  If you have the name of any woman lost in this manner, please drop a line to Karen at kbrn99@hotmail.com and share her name, plus age or year born and year she passed.

Thank you so very much!

The Madriella Doula Network Advisory Board