Grow Your Training Business with Madriella
If you’re an experienced Doula or Doula Trainer with your own business Madriella has an opportunity for you.

As a Licensed Independent Trainer (LIT) your students, workshop attendees, or apprentices can pay you to become certified through Madriella.

You provide live, hands-on instruction, and we will handle the academics and certification through our established online program.

Your students will have FULL ACCESS to the Madriella website, at no additional cost.

Licensed Independent Trainer FAQs

Are Licensed Independent Trainers employees or independent contractors of Madriella?
No. All of our Licensed Independent Trainers are self-employed and have their own business in which they provide Doula training. You are only licensing our curriculum to use to teach your students, much the same as when a college professor uses a textbook.

What does a Licensed Independent Trainer do?
Licensed Independent Trainers teach Doulas as part of their own business. Since their students are doing the academic work through Madriella, the LIT is free to focus on the important hands-on skills and real-world lessons unique to their area.

How are Licensed Independent Trainers Paid?
Licensed Independent Trainers are paid by their students, whatever price they set for their own business. Their students can pay any amount you think is fair, but we recommend you charge them at least $300 because they are getting access to the Professional Membership.




What are the program requirements?