We would like to congratulate Gretchen Ethridge for winning the first annual International Doula Month: Youtube.com Contest! Her winning video can be seen below:

We would also like to thank and congratulate our two runners up:

Christy Willis

Deborah Knight

Each of the entrant’s videos was wonderful, and it’s a good thing that the numbers made the decision for us, because our Director and Senior Advisory Board leader (Michael Perce and Annie Hill respectively) may have had a very tough time choosing a winner otherwise.

To that end, we’re offering a 50% off code for Professional Membership to the runners up, and our winner has her membership covered for 3 years and her tuition paid off! Thank you three for participating in this contest, and we’ll definitely run it again next year for International Doula Month!

Congratulations again to our winner and the runners-up. You all are fantastic women who our community would be quite proud to stand with as Doulas – and we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to help you become Madriella Doulas.