I don’t know how to access the courses I just paid for
When you enroll in Madriella and make your payment it could take up to 24 hours for the staff of our parent company, the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, to set up your account. Once they do, you will receive an email with your login credentials (user name and password). This often ends up in the spam/junk folder, so be sure to look there. Gmail users, look in the PROMOTIONS folder also.

The website says I can’t access my course because I’m not logged in.
This is either a problem with the “cookie” a file our website puts in your device so the website recognizes that you are a member, or your device has an older “cached” version of the website on it.  This is easy to fix. Follow these steps:

1 Log out of the website completely (using the “logout button”)

2 Put your browser in “Private” or “Incognito” mode.

3 Try logging in again.

That should take care of it, but if it doesn’t, erase your recent browser history and try steps 1-3 again. If that still doesn’t work, email our office and let them know, and be sure to include that you have already tried this troubleshooting method.

I can’t access a course because it says I have not completed the prerequisite course
Madriella is built on a prerequisite model, meaning the courses have to be done in order.  If you are a Professional Member you will have access to ALL of the courses, but these three must be done FIRST and in the order shown below:

1. Birth Doula Certification

2. Postpartum Doula Certification

3. Professional Development

After these three courses are done, you can do any of the remaining courses in any order you want, or all at once.

I can’t upload the pictures for my practical assignment
They are probably too big, we do not have infinite space on our server. You can use this website to resize them.

I can’t upload a paper I was required to write (essay or resource list) 
Make sure it is in a format that our site recognizes, .pdf is the best option.

I lost my certificate, or my name changed, can I get another one? 
If you completed the course after January 2018 and you are still an active member (your account is not expired) we can email you another copy of your certificate. We cannot email you copies of any certificate earned prior to 2018 and we will not email you a copy of your certificate if your membership has lapsed.

For any other issues, please use the general contact page to seek assistance. Please be as specific as possible when describing the issue.