Running a business is hard, being ethical shouldn’t be. In this course we cover Doula marketing types and methodology.

Course Prerequisite: Certified Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, Professional Development 

This course is reserved for our Professional Members

Active Participation in the forum is required


Module 1 Ethics and Marketing  
Unit 1 Ethics in Marketing - Introduction
Unit 2 Why there is a need for ethical doula marketing
Module 2 Different Forms of Marketing  
Unit 1 Different forms of marketing
Unit 2 Strategy
Unit 3 Affinity marketing
Unit 4 Alliance marketing
Unit 5 Ambush marketing
Unit 6 "Indirect" ambush marketing
Unit 7 Possible Impacts of Ambush marketing
Unit 8 Article marketing
Unit 9 Article video marketing
Unit 10 Call to action (marketing)
Unit 11 Cause Marketing
Unit 12 Consumer-generated advertising
Unit 13 Content marketing
Unit 14 Close Range Marketing
Unit 15 Cross-media marketing
Unit 16 Customer advocacy
Unit 17 Customerization
Module 3 Branding  
Unit 1 Brand language
Unit 2 Areas and authorities that offer brand language
Unit 3 Delivery channels
Module 4 Buisness Model  
Unit 1 Business model
Unit 2 Theoretical and empirical insights to business models
Unit 3 Examples of business models
Module 5 Database Marketing  
Unit 1 Database marketing
Unit 2 Growth and evolution of database marketing
Unit 3 Advances in database marketing
Unit 4 Digital Marketing
Module 6 Direct Marketing  
Unit 1 Direct Marketing
Unit 2 Types of Direct Marketing
Unit 3 Diversification (marketing strategy)
Unit 4 Goal of diversification
Unit 5 Continued...
Module 7 Guerrilla marketing  
Unit 1 Guerrilla marketing - Introduction
Unit 2 Online Guerilla Marketing
Unit 3 Undercover Marketing
Module 8 Horizontal Integration  
Unit 1 Horizontal Intgration
Unit 2 Benefits of Horizontal Intgration
Module 9 Influence Marketing  
Unit 1 Influence Marketing
Unit 2 What is “Influence”?
Unit 3 Identifying influencers
Unit 4 Using online social media tools to identify influencers
Unit 5 Influencer ecosystems and roles
Module 10 Other Non Digital Marketing Forms  
Unit 1 Loyalty Marketing
Unit 2 Loyalty Marketing Impact
Unit 3 Multi Level Marketing
Unit 4 Legality and Legitimacy of MLM's
Module 11 Online Advertising  
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Type of Ads
Unit 3 Delivery Methods
Unit 4 Benefits
Unit 5 Concerns
Unit 6 Regulation
Module 12 Tying it together  
Unit 1 Permission Marketing
Unit 2 Relationship Marketing
Unit 3 Product bundling
Unit 4 Varieties of bundling
Unit 5 Self-referential marketing
Unit 6 The Six Market Module
Unit 7 Summary of Ethics in Birthworker Marketing
Unit 8 Cites