These are some of the DVDs we recommend for our Doulas. You can order them by clicking the title or the picture.

Birthing Better With the Pink Kit Method
Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® is the only skills-based childbirth preparation resource developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers and now used by tens of thousands of Pink Kit families over the past 40 years. The Pink Kit is leading a global Movement for a Skills-based Childbirth approach for all pregnancies and every birth’.

Pregnancy Massage DVD: Taking care of mother and baby
This video demonstrates massage techniques that meet the special needs of pregnant mothers. These techniques reduce body pain, increase circulation, address low back and hip pain, prevent leg cramps, and help the mother sleep well to full term. Full body massage can be done safely from conception to labor and delivery. Prenatal massage is becoming the standard of care for mothers who want to be as comfortable as possible throughout their entire pregnancy.  For the majority of pregnant mothers, their hips and low backs cause the most problems. This is due to hormonal changes that prompt muscles to tighten in order to protect joints. Prenatal massage that focuses on these areas can reduce and often eliminate discomfort. In addition, proper pillowing for sleeping removes nighttime strain on the hip structure and eases symptoms of sciatica. Proper pillowing can also allow a mother to sleep on her back through full term.

Learn special stretching techniques for the calves that can stop the cramping most common in the last two months. In addition, learn about optimal fetal positioning and how a mother can help in that process.

Labor 101: The Award Winning Birth Class in a Box 3 Disc set (1 DVD + 2 CDs) 
Labor & Delivery: Experts on Birth DVD, All About Labor CD, Relaxation & Pain Management CD learn what to expect during every stage of labor view real Live Birth, Breathing, Relaxation, Options, Procedures, Childbirth Education Video.

Organic Birth: Birth is Natural
11 Couples and a Dozen Experts (Actor), Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Director)
The perfect film for all who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, Organic Birth: Birth is Natural! is a 52-minute film adapted and edited from the 85-minute award-winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret. The expanded midwifery section, more concise format, and added chapter navigation, will make this film a must-see for expectant parents and the perfect resource tool for use in childbirth education classes.

Practicing for an Active Birth; the Most Comprehensive Hands-on Guide for a Healthy and Active Birth
This DVD is a hands-on guide for preparing for birth. It explains the different phases of the birth, and teaches couples the best labor support tools- change of positions, breathing, massaging and visualization techniques for each phase. Expectant couples will come to understand the relationship between labor support tools and the progress of their birth. Practicing these tools time and again at the comfort of their home will evoke confidence and trust, so that mothers will own the tools and will rely on them during birth.

How to Use Hypnosis During Pregnancy and Childbirth (2 Instructional DVD’s)
A Set of 2 DVD’s including the complete series of actual self-hypnosis audio sessions for all three trimesters of pregnancy.  Medical professionals have used hypnosis since the 1930’s to help caring women maximize the health of their baby and experience physical comfort during pregnancy -and you can too!  Hypnosis can help manage anxiety, reduce pain, and even overcome morning sickness and reduce discomfort. Hypnosis is associated with outcomes that can decrease the risk of miscarriage, minimize the need for chemical anesthetics, and increase overall happiness of both mother and baby.  Doctors and nurses around the world use the techniques taught on these videos, and you can easily learn self-hypnosis skills to assist yourself in all phases of pregnancy and childbirth.  This easy-to-follow video will teach you how to utilize the natural power of hypnosis, during all three trimesters of pregnancy.

DVD 1: This educational video explains what hypnosis is, how it works, and teaches you how to apply these powerful yet natural and simple skills during pregnancy and childbirth. You will also see a complete hypnosis session, as hypnotherapist Richard Nongard explains and demonstrates the methods with a client who is due in just a few months, and hear from the client herself about her experiences.

DVD 2: This video contains three complete hypnotherapy sessions, each specifically designed to help you enter a natural, healing trance state, where you are able to relax, manage emotional responses, and take control of physical discomforts, all throughout your pregnancy. Listen to this DVD on your computer, a portable DVD player or on your television and relax, letting the natural power of hypnosis help you through your pregnancy.

Birthwise Childbirth Education DVD
Birthwise is an informative and empowering childbirth education DVD. It’s like taking a full set of prenatal classes right in the comfort of your own home! Leading Midwife and Childbirth Teacher of over 30 years, Caroline Flint, takes you through an exploration of questions and experiences that will help you prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and life with a new baby. Questions, such as: What can I expect in labour? What kind of birth environment do I want? What is a “normal” pregnancy and birth? What sort of medical interventions might be recommended and how can I decide what is right for me? With so much information out there, how do I know who to listen to and what choices to make? This informative two-disc DVD (8 hours) is easy to follow. You’ll experience real families as they grapple with questions, share hopes and concerns, and prepare for the life changes that come with having a baby. Other critical topics include breast feeding, pain relief, the birth environment, bonding with your baby, making sense of the birth experience, life with a new baby and much more. Also featured on the DVD, are international leaders in childbirth including Sheila Kitzinger and obstetrician Dr. Yehudi Gordon. In-depth interviews with practitioners of complementary therapies such as acupuncture, birth hypnosis, and doulas are also included. By exposing parents and families to a breadth of real birth experiences and approaches, Birthwise supports making appropriate and comfortable choices during this exciting time of life.