• Pets and Birthworkers

    by Toni Hill, CD, PD, AWP, DEM, CLC Madriella Advisory Board Member & Approved Workshop Provider Tupelomidwife.com I will be the first to tell you that everybody’s dog is not my dog.  I share my […]

  • International Doula Month: Youtube.com Contest


  • Credentials, Verification, Credibility, Authenticity…

    Credibility. Recently, on a group over within FaceBook, I participated in a discussion on the subject of “Credibility” within one of the many Doula communities. How do we, as Doulas, measure our credibility, our accountability, […]

  • Doula to Doula Ethics

    I dream of a day when Doulas support each other unconditionally… Where no matter where you are certified through that the elitism is just non-existent. I can’t say how happy I am that Madriella’s culture promotes sisterhood […]

  • a pregnant woman with photos of doula support inside

    Back in the day….

    So what has changed since I started as a doula over 20 years ago? I can tell you that there are more doulas in the world.  But beyond that, attitudes have changed.  How we look […]

  • What you do matters greatly

    By Annie Hill – Senior Advisory Board Member, Madriella Doula Network I can’t stop thinking about a quote from the journal article ‘Modeling the Cost-Effectiveness of Doula Care Associated with Reductions in Preterm Birth and […]

  • Making Our Professional Membership Accessible

    Yesterday a HUGE issue hit the birthing community, but the positive of it is it’s given a lot of Certifying Bodies an opportunity to say who and what they are, and it’s given the Childbirth […]

  • Our new Childbirth Educator course is online!

    The Madriella Childbirth Educator program prepares our members to teach classes to families expecting babies. This course will help you to prepare women for childbirth and to better comprehend the physical and emotional changes of […]

  • Madriella Postpartum Doulas support new mothers

    Madriella Postpartum Doulas provide help and support to the mother in the first weeks after the birth. This course is intended to be a follow-up to our primary non-medical birth assistant course. This course covers […]

  • Become a Certified Birth Doula

    The Madriella Birth Doula Certification is our primary non-medical birth assistant course. It is designed to teach women how to provide comfort and support measures to other women during pregnancy and childbirth. This course covers […]