• Get Ready, Get set, WHAT?

    By Beverly Young-Reed, Advisory Board Member, Madriella Doula Network   You have finished your doula training, you may even be certified, you have your business cards, your Facebook and a web page… You are ready […]

  • An online ad for a seasoned doula to provide assistance

    When a “Seasoned Doula” is looking for…

    It usually starts something like this: “I am looking to partner with another doula,” or “I need to find a backup”, and then there is “I would like to build a group of doulas that […]

  • Want to live longer? Have more children!

    The peer reviewed journal PLOS One (Public Library of Science) has published a research study that shows that women that give birth to more children have an advantage in the survival game, and that advantage […]

  • A clever way to announce a new baby…

    This couple just found out they’re expecting their third baby! Why just announce it to friends and family when they can make an awesome ‘Blank Space’ parody and snag 15 minutes of fame?