Jan, 1, 2017

Currently we are not accepting new Authorized Workshop Providers, as we are waiting for the first cohort of existing providers to finish the revised and additional professional material.  We will keep your information on file if you have applied but currently we are not authorizing any new Authorized Workshop Providers.


If you love being a doula you will probably love getting paid to teach others to be a doula too!

Hosting a Madriella Workshop
Some people learn better with a “hands-on” approach and that’s why we encourage experienced doulas to host workshops where they teach other women how to provide basic labor support.

Workshop Size
You are free to teach as many students as you would like, including single session 1 on 1 trainings (you will require a volunteer for them use for positioning training).

Workshop Hosts Responsibilities
As the workshop host and facilitator you are responsible for arranging an appropriate facility for the workshop, advertising and guiding the participants through the material (teaching them).

What you are Teaching
The Workshop covers the entire Madriella Curriculum for the Birth Doula Certification, the Postpartum Certification or both together.  You can arrange the lessons as you want, but all of the material must be covered. Your students are still required to pass the online certification examination, so your job is to help get them ready and to help them feel more confident with the hands on techniques.

Workshop length
The workshop should take a minimum of 8 hours to complete (the more people attending, the longer it takes). This can be broken up into two 4-hour days or completed in one day, depending on the host’s choice.

Financial Considerations
You are free to charge any amount that you feel is fair for the training you are providing. Just remember, they will still be paying the $75 examination fee to Madriella, so you need to make sure they understand that the examination fee is not covered in your workshop registration.

Financial Responsibility
The workshop host is responsible for any and all expenses associated with the workshop, and that includes buying enough birth balls for everyone to use (a minimum of 1 ball for every two guests- a one time expenditure), printing out any flyers or advertisements, providing refreshments if desired, renting a facility (if not in your home or professional office) etc.

Arranging an appropriate facility
You’ll need to arrange for use of a facility in which to hold your workshop. This might be in your home, a rented meeting room such as in a motel, hotel, library, bookstore, etc. Yoga studios are perfect and are often empty at least 1 or 2 days a week, so you may be able to work out an arrangement with the owner.

The facility must be safe and must have enough seating capacity for the size group you anticipate. Typically participants are seating on chairs during the lecture portion of the workshop, and then use open floor space for the hands on demonstrations. For this reason folding chairs are not only acceptable, they are perfect.

The facility should have enough bathrooms for the size group you anticipate. This is usually not an issue unless you decide to hold the workshop in your home. We do not mind you hosting a group in your home at all; just make sure you have enough toilet paper.

Your facility will also need enough parking space for those who will be driving to your workshop location.

Participant Safety
The safety of the participants is the responsibility of the host, so make sure the facility you select is secure and free of any structural hazards.

Publicity & Promotion
As the facilitator of the workshop you are responsible for all advertising and any expenses pertaining to it. You can advertise quite reasonably by using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, community bulletin boards (both online and actual bulletin boards), putting flyers or posters up at: coffee shops; bookstores; grocery stores; OB/GYN offices, Maternity Shops, Massage Therapy Offices (that is a big one); libraries; etc

Your flyer should include information for those interested in getting in touch with you. Your phone number, email address or Facebook are two of the easiest to use.

Tip: People will often remove a flyer pinned to a bulletin board to have something to remind them of the event. Sometimes it’s more effective to leave a few business cards next to the flyer.

Registration for Participants
You are free to charge a “registration fee” upfront, especially if you are going to be renting a facility to use. Please keep in mind that participants are to receive a full refund of any money paid to you in advance if you cancel a scheduled workshop. This is very unprofessional and if it happens more than once you will have your approved provider status revoked.

If a participant cannot make the workshop and notifies you at least 2 days prior to the beginning of the workshop you must refund all prepaid tuition.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Credit
One of the major benefits of the Madriella Doula program is that the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, an NCBTMB approved provider of continuing education for massage therapy, gives the Madriella participants a FREE 6 hour continuing education course on massage for the laboring woman just for enrolling in this course. As you advertise your workshop to massage therapists you will want to remind them of this potential benefit.
Please keep in mind that they will still have to complete the Massage for the Laboring Woman course online at the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, they will not receive the Continuing Education Credit for just attending the Workshop.

Legal Disclaimer
The Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute and Madriella.org are not responsible for any financial obligations incurred by a workshop host and is not responsible for any damage to persons or their property attending the workshops. All financial responsibility lies with the Approved Workshop Host.

If you would like to apply for Approved Workshop Provider Status click button below and submit your application. You will hear back from us within 5-7 working days.

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