• Understanding Developmental Disabilities

    This Badge is awarded to our Doulas that complete the Understanding Developmental Disabilities course. Recent estimates in the United States show that about one in six, or about 17%, of children aged 3 through 17 […]

  • Young Parent Support Specialist

    This Badge is awarded upon the successful completion of our Young Parent Support Specialist course. Teenage parents face an array of challenges that are unique to their situation. This course is designed to prepare our […]

  • Three Year Member

  • Loss and Bereavement Doula

    A Madriella Certified Loss & Bereavement Doula provides support to new mothers and families by delivering the same support she would for a birth or postpartum family, but with training in Pregnancy, Infant loss and […]

  • Content Contributor

    The Madriella Content Contributor is a person that has been entrusted by the leadership of Madriella with the responsibility of writing and posting Doula and Childbirth Education related content on the Madriella.org website. As Madriella […]

  • Community Doula Award

    The Madriella Community Doula Award is given to our member Doulas that have volunteered their services as a Doula, Childbirth Educator or Lactation Counselor, in the service of a needy population.

  • Professional Development Course

    This badge is awarded to our Doulas that have completed the Madriella Professional Development Course. It represents their commitment to creating an ethical Doula practice.    

  • Certified Placenta Specialist

    For many women, the thought of this marvelous organ that supported their baby being discarded as “medical waste” after the birth is distasteful. Some have a desire to give it a respectful burial, to use […]

  • Madriella Certified Lactation Educator

    Madriella Certified Lactation Educators are professional breastfeeding specialists that teach new mothers how to feed their baby. They help women experiencing common breastfeeding problems like difficulty latching, painful nursing, and low milk production. Lactation Mentors […]

  • Approved Workshop Provider

    The Madriella Approved Workshop Provider is an experienced Doula that is an independent agent being granted permission to use the Madriella name and curriculum to host hands-on workshops.